With so many ways to approach digital transformation, how should I prioritize my efforts, particularly when I have limited resources?

Prioritizing trends is quite challenging and there isn't a universal approach that will work for everyone. Instead companies must develop unique approaches based on market trends, competitive approach and their unique customer needs. This approach can be broken into a step-wise process:

1. Define the market forces and research how your competitors (both traditional and disruptive) are approaching each one

We have identified 5 major trends impacting Digital Health and how both traditional and disruptive companies are approaching them.

The key question to consider is:

Will new, disruptive and/or unexpected companies move into the industry to collaborate with traditional players or will they evolve and become direct competitors?

2. Define your customer's unmet needs, then prioritize the areas that you can influence through digital channels

Digitize the Patient Journey

Prioritization requires a deep understanding of customer needs followed by a careful mapping of the points of digital influence along the patient journey. Organizations that are successful in embracing digital transformation must get this step right.