How do I get better buy-in from my organization?

Pharmaceutical companies have been reluctant to evolve their business models to include digital technologies. Often, leadership wants to wait for precedent to emerge and/or consensus to develop from others before investing in the future. However, waiting to innovate can put companies well behind their competiton, not just in terms of output, but in terms of the skills and experience needed to develop their own digital expertise once they fully commit.

Gaining organizational buy-in for Digital Health initiaties requires building a compelling business case that demonstrates a balance between exploiting & exploring technology.


Demonstrate short-term returns through controlled utilization of the new innovation. These smaller "wins" can help build confidence in your team among senior leadership and fuel an appetite for more ambitious digital transformation efforts.


Especially at the beginning of your digital transformation journey, make multiple "bets" on a range of initiatives so that you find what works best for your organization. As positive results start to emerge from one or more initiative, you can adjust and fine-tune your subsequent explorations toward those with the highest ROI .

At Herspiegel Consulting, we help our clients understand how to find this optimal balance in pursuing digital transformation in the commercial space, from strategy through execution.

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