Which digital technologies are impacting our customers?

Digital health is disrupting the pharmaceutical and healthcare landscape, which presents new challenges and opportunies for patients, HCPs, & payers

Key commercial challenges impacting each customer type


Digital technologies are disrupting the patient experience as more and more data comes both to patients, in the form of wearables, connected devices & accessories, telemedicine, and social media marketing, and from patients in data streams generated by app-based diagnostics & adherence tracking


Digital technologies are changing how HCPs interface with patients, healthcare facilities, and payers, through disruptions like EHR/EMR, app or wearable data analysis, remote patient monitoring, and tele-/asynchronous medicine


With all the rapid changes in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry being brought about by digital disruptions, payers are utilizing their own set of disruptive digital tools and digital-enabled strategies to make sure they are supporting the most cost-effective and outcome-effective measures, by investing heavily in data science to understand which digital disruptors lead to better health outcomes, establishing value metrics & pursuing performance-based or outcomes-based contracting that relies heavily on advanced data & analytics to measure amd track results and adjust coverage where appropriate.